Sciatica Aid Tablet

Form Tablet
Disease For Sciatica Pain
Bottle Material Pet bottle
Brand PHL
Packaging Type Bottle
Shelf Life 5 yrs
Dosage 2 tablets thrice a day
Form Of Medicines Tablets
Type Of Medicines Homeopathic
Sugar Free No
Packing Size 25 gm


Sciatica-Aid is a very useful remedy especially formulated for the treatment of sciatica and rheumatic pain. Provides an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Useful in the left sided sciatica with numbness, stiffness. between the shoulders. Dull pain in the nape of the neck, cramps. twitching and shortening of muscles


  • Nyctanthes: 3X
  • Causticum: 3X
  • Colocynthis: 2X
  • Bryonia Alba: 3X
  • Actaea Racemosa: 3X
  • Magnesium Phosphoricum: 3XMagnesium Phosphoricum: 3X

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