Quality Control

The laboratories and plants at PHL are characterized by stringent quality assessment & control systems, operative at every stage of production.

Installation of dedicated Air Handling Units (AHUs) at every stage of production to prevent air/particulate contamination is the key feature of the facility. Calibration and validation of respective equipments and process' are carried out as per Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Quality monitoring with religious zeal translates the chief methodologies such as: complete documentation of the production process' where each analysis, and inference is recorded in the Departmental Procedure Manuals, for future reference. Currently, this Documentation Methodology is applied to product & process specifications, batch manufacturing records, analytical methods and quality analysis procedures.

Uniformity of the finished product across all the batches is the testimony to the fact how crucially the BMRs are prepared and followed as a guideline.

This process enables the company to effectively control the quality of the entire manufacturing process. Also, to keep watch over the efficiency and motivational levels of its employees.

Finished products are dispatched for distribution after confirmative approval of Quality. The Representative samples of each batch are retained for Various tests as well as real life stability studies, while the product is in the market for the entire shelf life period