Type Of Medicines Homeopathic
Packing Size 12 gm
Brand PHL
Type Of Medicines Homeopathic
Packaging Type Bottle
Shelf Life 5 yrs
Form Tablet
Dosage 2 tablets three times a day
Bottle MaterialDosage Pet bottle


Enurex is an excellent remedy for those children who are habituated of bed-wetting. It checks the loss of sensibility in passing urine. sensation of motion in the bladder, incontinence. continuous dripping. nocturnal emissions. This is a useful children's remedy corresponding to many conditions of intestinal irritation involuntary at night It is beneficial in Nocturnal and Diurnal bed wetting by children at night during sleep due to urinary bladder irritation and nervous system.


  • Cina: 3x
  • Causticum: 3x
  • Sepia: 3x
  • Kali Phosphoricum: 3x

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